"I had the chance of working with Scott on several projects for multiple classes and can confidently say that Scott is a dedicated professional. Scott was fantastic to work with. In addition to being a multi-skilled leader, he is talented at analyzing and summarizing details. Scott has the ability to make the impossible possible while working toward maximizing output and quality. I would strongly recommend him. "


— Jonathan Rhett Bolton, Project Manager at Western Governors University

"Scott Kitchen, our IT Director, formed a committee of City of Cody staff members under his leadership, and over the last year has been working month by month to redesign the City website with respect to logistics, user friendliness, photos, and everything else. I'd like to give kudos to Scott Kitchen and his tireless work putting that together with his committee; they worked really hard and had a lot of great ideas of how to put that together. I think it's going to be a very, very nice website . . . so I'd like to compliment Scott and his committee on their work over the last year."


— Barry A. Cook, City Administrator at City of Cody

"I would strongly recommend Scott to anyone looking to hire a great employee. Scott and I didn't just study together. We were team members on a capstone project and spent over 100 hours together working at a charity organization. I have come to know him quite well.


Scott is very smart, dedicated, focused, and hard-working. I have really enjoyed working with him. I predict Scott will be very successful in his career. Please contact me if you have any questions about Scott."


Eric Thueson, Lead NetSuite Consultant at Eide Bailly Technology

"I can tell you, Scott is very, very good at what he does and is a highly-skilled IT  professional. When it's all said and done, the product he delivers is always top-notch."


— Nancy Tia Brown, Mayor at City of Cody

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